Best Ladies Sangeet Mehndi party Dance Songs 2014 list

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Best Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party dance Songs 2014 list

Indian wedding ceremonies are like celebrations. It’s the celebration of relationship which is going to develop between 2 families when the bride and groom tie the wedding knot for a happy life ahead.  Indian wedding is not a celebration of a day. There are many functions which are followed one after another till the final day of wedding is arrived. Music is an integral part of Indian culture and so its influence is must on Indian wedding too.  India is a country of Unity in diversity. People of different religion and culture are present in India and so there are variations in the celebration of wedding. In spite of this entire variation one important thing which keeps all culture and religion in together is music.

Best Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party Songs 2014 list

There are two important functions which you will get to see in any Indian wedding, the first is Ladies sangeet and the second one is Mehndi party. In Ladies sangeet the women and young girls present in the celebration join together to dance on the rocking songs which are full of rhythm and enjoyment. The bride also participates to dance with family members. Next function is the Mehndi party. In this function Mehndi is applied on the hands of the bride to mark the beginning of the new journey to life. To make this day memorable Mehndi party songs are must to play.

Top Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party songs of all time:

Ladies sangeet and Mehndi party are integral part of an Indian wedding ceremony. Without these two functions the celebration seems incomplete. Since ages songs are there which are especially dedicated towards these functions. Great singers sung beautiful melodious songs especially for these ceremonies which are even like today and must for any wedding party. We know that it will be difficult at you end to arrange those old melodies which you like to play in your wedding so we planned to gift you a complete list of top Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party songs of all time of Indian Wedding Songs. Listen to these numbers below and we are sure you will just fell in love with these songs.

01. mahandi rang layi
02. dholi tharo dhol baje
03. radha kashe na jalhe
04. chothe -2 bahaiyo ke badhe bahiya
06. balam mahoro sathiya gayo
07. kasriya hai roop tomahro
08. Nachu Nachu Toot Gaye To Kya – Fija
09. mukda piya ka dek ke
10. mar jani janjar bol padi
11. chodhi bi jeed pe aye Hai
12. hule hula re hule-  hule
13. o piya o piya dolhi
14. nimbuda nimbuda
15. aayo re mahro dholna
16. banno teri ankhiya
17. maine payal hai chankaye
18. leke pyare ki chunariya
19. Mere Haato Main No No Chudia Hai
20. piya piya o piya
21. bole chudiya bole kangna
22. chmma chmma
23. sarara sarara
24. dola re dhola
25. koi kahe kahta rahe
26. me to kachhi kali hoon kachnaar
27. bano ki saheli resham ki dori
28. mera ashi kali ka lahga
29. chal pyar karegi
30. resham ka roomal
31. pairon me bandan hai
32. mahre hivda me nache more
33. chandu ke chacha ne
34. piya se milke aye nain
35. Laal dupatta
36. Meri Makhana Meri Soniye
37. mehadhi ki raat aye
38. odhni odh ke nachu
39. maine payal hai cankaye
40. lo chali ma apne devar ki
41. daya daya re
42. Maahi ve
43. resham ka hai kurtha mara
44. Kaanta Laga Haye Laga
45. Meri beri Ke Ber
46. mehndi lagaughi me sajna ke naam ki
47. abke baras wo hal hai
48. Maye Ni Maye
49. kajrare kajrare
50. ye to sach hai ki bagwan  hai

New Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party songs 2014:

In the year 2014, there are quite a good number of releases of new Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party songs. The singers of 21st century are also dedicated to offer some good songs to prospective brides and grooms and so we thought why not add some good songs of 2014 in the list to make the celebration special. Below we are providing a complete list of new Hindi Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi party songs 2014, just for you.

01-Nagada Sang Dhol — Ram Leela
02-Tooh — Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
03-Ram Chahe Leela — Ram Leela
04-Chingam Chabake — Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
05-Lahu Muh Lag Gaya — Ram Leela
06-Party All Night — Boss
07-Tamanche pe Disco — Bullet Raja
08-Gandi Baat — R?Rajkumar
09-Raghupati Raghav — Krrish 3
10-Dhoom Machale Dhoom — Dhoom 3
11-Har Kissi Ko Nahi Milta — Boss
12-Lungi Dance — Chennai Express
13-Saree Ke Fall Sa — R..Rajkumar
14-Main Rang Sharbaton Ka — Phata Poster Nikla Hero
15-Dhat Teri Ki — Gori Tere Pyaar Mein
16-Gulabi — Shuddh Desi Romance
17-Tum hi ho — Aashiqui 2
18-Tere Mere Beech — Shuddh Desi Romance

We will keep adding new songs in this list so that you can stay updated about the latest songs for Ladies sangeet and Mehndi party dance songs 2014,Be with us for upcoming information.

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