Miley Cyrus New Songs 2014 Upcoming Albums

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Miley Cyrus New Songs Albums 2014

Miley Cyrus or Miley Ray Cyrus is a teenager actress and singer who were born in November 23, 1992 to Billy Ray Cyrus who was a country club singer and Letitia jean Tish. She became famous with the Hannah Montana show in Disney with becoming the heartthrob of young American teens.  She has two more siblings named Braison and Noah and was quite fond of her grandfather. She was born in Nashville but grew up in Franklin. Her famous albums include Can’t Be Tamed, Breakout and More. In 2011 she was ranked as the number 1 on the Top 10 Richest Hollywood Teens.  We are sure you will be looking for the collection of popular songs by Miley Cyrus and so we prepared the list of Top Songs by Miley Cyrus of all time 2014 just for you. We believe you will love listening to these songs from heart.

miley cyrus new songs albums 2014 list

Top Songs and albums of Miley Cyrus of all time

It was during the year 2008, when her first ever solo album was released. It was named “Breakout”. The first music album of Miley Cyrus received a grand success across globe and made her a popular name in the world of music at such a young age. We invested time in preparing the below list of Top Songs by Miley Cyrus of all time til 2014 just for you.

Top Songs by Miley Cyrus of all time:

  • See You Again (Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus)
  • Forgiveness and Love (Can’t Be Tamed)
  • Obsessed (The Time of Our Lives EP)
  • Who Owns My Heart (Can’t Be Tamed)
  • Party in the U.S.A. (The Time of Our Lives EP)
  • Can’t Be Tamed (Can’t Be Tamed)
  • 7 Things (Breakout)
  • Two More Lonely People (Can’t Be Tamed)
  • The Climb (Hannah Montana: The Movie)
  • When I Look at You (The Time of Our Lives EP)

Some other popular songs of Miley Cyrus:

  • Wherever I Go (2011)
  • I’m Still Good (2010)
  • Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill) (2009)
  • Don’t Wanna Be Torn (2009)
  • You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home (2009)
  • Life’s What You Make It (2007)
  • The Best of Both Worlds (2006)
  • Pumpin’ Up the Party (2006)
  • If We Were a Movie (2006)

Top albums by Miley Cyrus of all Time:

  • Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (2007)
  • Breakout (2008)
  • Can’t Be Tamed (2010)

New upcoming albums by Miley Cyrus 2014:

For the upcoming album for the year 2014 which is going to be the fourth one for Miley Cyrus, she is all set to work with various producers for a successful launch. The name is not yet disclosed and so we need to wait a bit for that and its launch too.

The above lists of songs of Miley Cyrus will be updated on regular basis. If you are the ultimate fan of Miley Cyrus then please stay tuned with us for the latest Miley Cyrus New Songs and Upcoming albums 2014 and 2013 news.

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