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New releases top Punjabi songs 2014

One of the culturally rich states of India is Punjab located at the north western end of India. You will not get to see any ceremony or celebration in Punjab without dance and music. People at Punjab breathe music in their everyday life. The lyrics used in the Punjabi songs are so melodious that what made this form of songs favorite among all. The popularity and success of Punjabi songs are not confined within the boundary of Punjab, but to each and every state of India. When you get the chance to talk to any common Punjabi individual you will understand how pure and simple they are from the heart. True reflection of this simplicity is there in their Punjabi songs. After a hard day at work the Punjabi people prefer to enjoy life with family with delicious food and wonderful Punjabi popular dance songs at background.

top punjabi songs 2014

There is a special rhythm in Punjabi songs which we can call as Jhankar which is responsible for the popularity of these songs. When you listen to the albums by great Punjabi singers you will feel that Jhankar within you. Each and every song of Punjab is very meaningful and true expression of inner feeling.

Top Punjabi songs of all time

If we start preparing a list of all time hit Punjabi songs then the list will be never ending we can assure you. Each and every songs of Punjab is so heart touching that it will be difficult to name few in the top slot.There are several famous and  super hit Punjabi songs which are sung by Punjabi singers who are quite popular in this genre of music Even if you play a old Punjabi song in front of a small kid , in friction of seconds you will observe the happiness in the face of the kid. The kid will definitely stand up to move the toes in his or her style to the tunes of the songs. Still we jotted down some songs which we feel are some of the best Punjabi songs which will reach straight to your heart.

 Brown Rang – Honey Singh
Shakkar Paare – Shahid Mallya
Hot Jatt – Jazz Malhi
Tere Utte – Amrinder Gill ft. Ashoke Mastie
Jado Tere Nakhre – Sheera Jasvir
Main Fan Bhagat Singh Da – Diljit Dosanjh
Assi Rahe Kamaunde – Gurikk Bath
Mangeya Ae Dil – Jassi Gill
College Wali Gt Road – Sharry Maan
Ramte Da Dooja Viyah – Hazara Singh Ramta
Gabru Mul Wikde – Prabh Gill
Ishqe Da Taap – Banny A
Ishq E Da Rog – Gippy Grewal
Asa Di War – bhai Surjan Singh Ragi
Lak De Hullare – Miss Pooja
Teriyan Sachiyan – Mika Singh
Vakhri Jihi Hoor – Gurmukh Doabia
Bara Tenu Pyar Kardian – Miss Pooja
Mr. Pendu – Roshan Prince ft. Desi Crew
Boohe Diyan Kundiyan – Miss Pooja
Shaukeen Munde – Rai Jhujhar
Jatt Senti – Jassi Jaraj
Sanu Ek Vari – Gurdas Maan
Ferrari Laike – Miss Pooja
Raj Karega Khalsa – Diljit Dosanjh
Sheraan Vangu Kharh Jayida – k.s.Makhan
Ki Samjhaiye – Amrinder Gill ft. Shortie
Yaar Anmulle – Sharry Maan
High Heels – Jaz Dhami ft. Yo Yo Honey Singh
Daaru Charh Gayi Mundeyaan Noo – Deepak Dhillon
ClassMate – Jassi Gill, Kaur B
Akhiyan Ch Paani – Diljit Dosanjh
Tauba Tauba – Amrinder Gill
Varne Ki Note – Sarthik K
Chandigarh Waliye – Sharry Maan
Menu Tere Jeya – Miss Pooja

New Top 10 Punjabi songs 2014

The Punjabi songs are creating sensation this year too in the world of music. Several albums are coming up to set the stage on fire. Wherever you go and in any party or occasion, Punjabi songs are must to play for setting the mood of the function. Some musical albums are scheduled to get released this year by Diljit Dosanjh, Sukhdeep Grewal, Harbhajan Mann and many more are there on the list. We prepared a list of new Punjabi songs 2014 for you. Hope you will like it.

02-Short Dress
03-Munda Iphone Warga
06-2 Number ( Feat Amrinder Gill,Young Fateh)
07-Ek Tera Pyar
08-Upar Upar In The Air
10-Khu Te Bar
12-Tequila Shot
13-Look Lak
14-Munde Piche Piche
15-Kudi Tu Pataka
16-Take Your Sandals Off
18-Proper Patola
19-Aashqui Te Loan

Some more Desi Punjabi Songs are yet to get released. We will keep you updated about the latest upcoming albums and songs in Punjabi. So dont go away and be with us for top 10 punjabi bhangra songs 2014.

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